Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Breast Massage During Pregnancy

This can be done when bathing. Previously prepared in the basin of warm water and cold water, coconut oil is clean (best if homemade) or baby oil, towels, and cotton.

Clean the breast using water, then massage using oil. Massage is done by using both hands, rotate around the breast sorted clockwise and then reverse / anti-clockwise. After that do the ordering from the bottom toward the nipple, but the nipple itself does not need in-massage for not glandulous but only a mere milk ducts.

After the massage, knock-knock the breast using fingertips or the tip knuckle. Point in order to work better blood circulation. Furthermore nipple cleaned using cotton and oil. This oil is useful in order to limber up and moisturize nipples nipples while breastfeeding is not easy future blisters.

Finally, clean the breast and nipple using warm water and cold. The objective is to facilitate the circulation of blood. After that dry disposable towel.

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