Thursday, December 30, 2010

Traditional Herbal Plants to Cosmetics

Jempiring leaves dense and capable of cooling air can absorb toxic substances from the air, perfect for the city of Denpasar that high pollution levels. The housewife is expected to enable the planting of these trees in their yards that are available, as narrow as anything.

Urban communities can do to grow it in pots. "Excellence jempiring plant that serves as a medicinal plant is in addition to readily available, relatively cheap, with no side effects, easy to breed, and easy in its processing," said Chairman of the Society for Plant Lovers Denpasar City Star Puspayoga Training participants in front of Medicinal Plant Families (Jakarta Florist ).

According to the mayor's wife Denpasar, plant lovers are well aware of the role of plants in effort to preserve the environment including air quality improvement efforts kora. Plants are used as mascots jempiring Denpasar promoted in the form of not less than 33 preparations, whether for medicines, food, beverage and beauty. Correctional programs are expected to have an impact also on the establishment of skills in the provision of traditional medicines.

Ketut Lidya (28) one trainee said, he is very interested in the cultivation of medicinal plants is because it can be used as a garden ornamental. "Also worth a look, also serves as the family medicine and can be sold," said wiraswastawati which is engaged in this garden landscape.

In addition, as plants Herbal jempiring plants have now been processed into traditional Balinese cosmetics. As in the form of shampoos, conditioners, bath soap, body lotions, and scrubs, and has been marketed to the public. Even now jempiring Traditional Body Scrub has been exported to Taiwan since a year ago.

According Yuliani Sukhana of Bali Tangi, in making this whitening scrub, flower jempiring, meeting dribbles, Intersection buffoonery, kaffir lime leaves, pearl shell, and sea dondong leaves, sliced ​​and dried. Glutinous rice roasted until brown and fragrant. All material is crushed into one, after a fine ready made scrub bleach to the entire body. "The function of this body scrub to cleanse the body and removes dirt, make your skin clean and bright," he said.

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