Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Forgotten Stroke Symptoms: Leg Weakness and Eyes Blurred

When there is a stroke, symptoms of the most recognizable people are the face of Perot, the arm is moved or spoke difficult. Though there are other symptoms that are often forgotten, namely sudden leg weakness and blurred vision.

The existence of two symptoms of this forgotten to make the victims of a stroke are sometimes delayed getting help. The people around him did not recognize it as a stroke, then waited until her face Perot difficulty speaking.

Prof Ross Naylor, a researcher from Leicester Royal Infirmary revealed that almost all people are able to recognize three common symptoms that accompany a stroke. All three are the hard-driven arm (arm weakness), Perot face (facial weakness) and hard to talk.

But when dealing with 2 other symptoms of many forgotten, not everyone recognizes it as a symptom of stroke. Leg weakness (leg weakness) as the only known symptom of stroke by 57 per cent of respondents and blurry eyes are only known by 44 per cent of respondents.

This data was obtained in a recent survey in Britain involving no less than 1,300 respondents of all ages. The study, funded by East Midlands Strategic Health Authority was conducted over two years, in order to increase awareness of the dangers of stroke.

"It's important for everyone to know all five symptoms of stroke. They do not need to wait for all five of them came at once to seek help," said Professor Naylor is quoted from Buxtonadvertiser, Wednesday (07/12/2011).

As ever reported detikHealth, triggering a stroke is very diverse so it can not resolve themselves without medical help. Stroke induced by blockage of blood vessels in the brain should get blood-thinning medication within 3 hours since the attack.

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