Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Avoid Fast Food, for Heart Health

Heart disease has been consuming a lot of casualties. The cause is an unhealthy lifestyle, ranging from smoking to less exercise. Dietary fat can block blood flow that trigger heart attacks.

To be heart healthy, adult body should obtain 2.000 kcal caloric intake of sodium (less than 1.500 mg), saturated fat (less than 16 grams), and cholesterol (less than 300 mg) per day. However, with the proliferation of fast food restaurants, now foods containing salt, saturated fat, and calories exceeds the limit in one portion is easily found.

For those who have excess weight and have a history of heart disease, or want to maintain health, you should be careful with the following foods from Live Science quoted.

1. Appetizers at the restaurant
Appetizer servings often contain calories, fat, and sodium equivalent to a main meal. Such as 'Aussie Cheese Fries with Ranch Dressing' in the Outback Steakhouse. Regular portions are large, can be for 3 people, but still dangerous for the heart. There are 2.900 kcal calories, 182 grams of fat, and more than 1500 mg of sodium. So is the chicken wings. As of 6 pieces of chicken wings with the addition of 1.000 kcal dressings contain calories and 50 grams of fat. So, select a clear soup and salad with low fat mayonnaise if you want to eat just before the arrival of the main menu.

2. Healthy menus in restaurants
Not all foods labeled healthy is really healthy. In fact, although it slightly more healthy than the regular menu, the food still needs to watch out. One is the salad. For example in restaurants Applebee America, 'Grilled Steak Caesar Salad' containing 1.300 kcal calories, 2.200 mg sodium, 80 grams of fat. Another example is the 'Mushroom Swiss Turkey Burger' at Ruby Tuesday, which contains 1.200 kcal calories and 70 grams of fat.

3. American-style Chinese menu
Typical cuisine of any country, if it is presented with the American style, it will usually be more unhealthy than the original recipe. For example 'Double Pan-Fried Noodles Combo' at P.F. Chang bistro with a content of 1.800 kcal calories, 70 grams fat, and 7.500 mg of sodium per serving. Another example is a sweet and sour chicken in General Tso.

4. KFC Fried Chicken and McDonald's
It's no secret that chicken fried flour sold in fast food restaurants will be full of bad cholesterol. This is caused by low-quality cooking oil that is used repeatedly. If that is fried potatoes, a dangerous substance called acrylamide will be generated and cause cancer.

'Popcorn Chicken' at KFC contains 1.300 kcal calories and 19 grams of saturated fat, while the 'Chicken McNugget' at McDonald's contains 840 kcal calories and 11 grams of saturated fat. If given cocolan sauce, plus the calories as much as 200 kcal with an extra 4 grams of saturated fat.

5. Frozen foods in supermarkets
This frozen food we usually see in the row of shelves in a supermarket cooler. Stay warmed, it was ready to eat foods that are cooked (cooked previously). Call it 'Roasted Chicken Pot Pie' Pepperidge Farm. Calories are listed on nutritional labels just for half a pie. If duplicated, in a pie contained nearly 1.100 calories and more than 60 grams of fat, and about 1.800 mg of sodium.

6. Kids menu
Although smaller portions, menu child (kid's meal) in a restaurant no less dangerous than the regular menu. For example 'n Cheese Double Macaroni' at Romano's Macaroni Grill, containing 1.210 kcal calories, 3.400 mg sodium, and 62 grams of fat. If your child frequently eat this food, he could have a heart attack at age 30 years. Buy the little packets kids menu and a glass of soda can make it someday suffer from diabetes and obesity, one of the triggers of heart attacks.

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