Friday, January 30, 2009

Ginasih Intimacy Care

Traditional Herbal (Jamu) – Beauty care products of Mustika Ratu which use traditional way and equipments, has a holistic pattern (holistic treatment), meaning that maintain beauty is not enough only in the outside (decoratively) but also must be maintained from inside (health and cleanliness) by consuming traditional tonic herbs (Jamu).

Women’s Intimacy Special Treatment – Ginasih Cair
Contain Daun Sirih (Piperis Folium) extract as natural antiseptic to overcome suppuration, remove unpleasant smell, reduce itches. The elements of Herba Sambiloto (Andrographidis Herba) is good for cooling and Beluntas (Plucheae indicae Folium) leaf to produce fragrant smell.

For external use mix 5 bottle lid of liquid Ginasih with 500 ml warm water. Then wipe vagina during and after Menstruation period, post natal, before and after intercourse.

60 ml, 200 ml bottle.

PT. Mustika Ratu, Tbk.
Jakarta – Indonesia

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