Saturday, January 24, 2009

Teen’s Health Care Pills

Traditional Herbal (Jamu) – Beauty care products of Mustika Ratu which use traditional way and equipments, has a holistic pattern (holistic treatment), meaning that maintain beauty is not enough only in the outside (decoratively) but also must be maintained from inside (health and cleanliness) by consuming traditional tonic herbs (Jamu).

Female Teenagers Treatments – Jamu Pil Perawatan Remaja Putri

Parem Kaneman: Made of Nutmeg (Myristicae Semen), good as body freshener.

Sekar Kedaton: Made of Java Chilli (Retrofracti Fructus), good as tonic (improve power) and body freshener and Pulosari (Alyxiae Cortex), to maintain body endurance.

Suri Ayu: Made of Bidara Upas (Merremiae Tuber), which is good for body cooling and Coriander (Coriandri Fructus) as freshener.

Nur Cahyo: Pemulawak (Curcumae Rhizoma) is good to improve blood circulation, antioxidant and improve power, and Kencur (Kaempferiae Rhizoma) which is good for improve power and body freshener.

Parem Kaneman Pills (Monday & Thursday @ 7 pils), Sekar Kedaton Pills (Tuesday & Friday @ 7 pils), Suri Ayu Pills (Wednesday & Saturday @ 7 pils), Nur Cahyo Pills (Sunday @ 7 pils).

196 pills pot

PT. Mustika Ratu, Tbk.
Jakarta - Indonesia

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